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The highest compliment that I have ever been paid was to read Los Angeles Magazine and have my work described as “spirit calming to the patients at UCLA”. Additionally, the Department of Spiritual Care at UCLA wrote that my work used in conjunction with the healing of patients “captures a deep sacredness and intimacy that brings a spiritual dimension to our environment”.

Jill Sattler is a free-lance photodramatist and painter in Santa Barbara, California. She is an honor graduate of Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles. As a portrait photographer she specializes in “atmospheric” photographs and special effects. She has exhibited at the Carnegie Art Museum, Contemporary Arts Forum of Santa Barbara, Art Museum of Santa Cruz County, Karpeles Manuscript Museum, Ojai Valley Museum, Carl Schlosberg Fine Art Los Angeles, Garth Clark New York, and UCLA. Jill Sattler has had the privilege to photograph the internationally acclaimed ceramicist Beatrice Wood, Chantal of “Good Morning America” and her dog Mollie, actresses Sandy Duncan, Betty White, as well as Susan and Jeff Bridges, Christopher Reeve, and Santa Barbara writers Jane and Robert Easton. Jill’s works of art have been exhibited in conjunction with works by Beatrice Wood, Edward Curtis, Ansel Adams, and Timothy O’Sullivan, Kandinsky, Whistler, Lichtenstein, Matisse, Picasso, de Kooning, Diebenkorn, Toulouse-Lautrec as well as Giacometti, Sam Francis, Ed Kienholz, and David Hockney.

Jill gained notoriety in the field of jewelry design when her earrings were worn by Cher as the actress accepted an Academy Award for her work in “Moonstruck.” Diane English, writer/executive producer of the television show “Murphy Brown,” was featured in Elle Magazine wearing necklaces designed by Jill. In addition, Vanity Fair, Ladies’ Home Journal, Memories Magazine (front cover), Los Angeles Magazine, Santa Barbara Magazine, Montecito Magazine, Style 1900 Magazine, as well as the Los Angeles Times and other publications, also displayed her work.

Jill has the honor of having more than 100 of her photographs on permanent exhibit at UCLA Medical Arts Center in Los Angeles.

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